Administrative Information Systems Steering Committee

The Administrative Information Systems Steering Committee will provide oversight for large technology requests and projects that require significant Information Technology Computing Services (ITCS) support and/or provision of technology personnel, products and services. The scope includes projects, risks, policies and shared services that are critical or have a significant impact on the Administrative Systems environment.

The Technology Steering Committee Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide strategic direction for administrative system technology applications, projects and services.
  • Approve, prioritize and monitor Administrative System projects including project scope, budgets and schedules, as well as changes to these items.
  • Participate in oversight activities to monitor and approve/reject changes to a project’s scope, schedule or budget, or elevate to executive leadership when appropriate.
  • Determine and allocate resources for technology requests, projects, and related services.
  • Provide a forum to communicate information related to the administrative system environment including applications, infrastructure, requests, projects and services (emphasis on requests and projects).
  • Review, approve and/or enforce policies, standards and procedures relating to administrative systems technology endeavors (Security, Audit Recommendations, Account Management, etc.).
  • Address project risks and issues that require internal executive level decisions.


Frequency. The Steering Committee will meet quarterly or as required to keep track of issues and projects.

Program / Project Status. At each meeting, project and/or service request status will be reported to the committee by the appropriate representative using an agenda outline such as the following:

  1. Review Project Status
    1. Recommendations – (1) Provide a quick dashboard review of projects that are within the administrative system portfolio. Discuss the following items:
      • Overall Status
      • Scope status
      • Schedule status
      • Budget status
      • Milestone status
      • Accomplishments
      • Review and approval of project change orders
      • Specific requests for assistance of the Steering Committee
  2. Roundtable
  3. Responsibility for actions from this meeting
  4. Plans, date and location for next meeting

Steering Committee Members

Don SweetCommittee SponsorITCS
Zach LochCommittee LeadITCS
Sara ThorndikeMemberA&F
Dee BowlingMemberFinancial Services
Carole WilsonMemberFinancial Services
Kitty WetheringtonMemberHR
Dan BlumbergMemberHR
TBDMemberEnrollment Services
TBDMemberEnrollment Services

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide technical information to the committee.