Information Resources Coordinating Council (IRCC)

The Information Resources Coordinating Council (IRCC) is the campus-wide organization that advises the Chief Information Officer on information technology. The IRCC is charged with making recommendations to the Chief Information Officer on information technology innovation, coordination, collaboration, policy and communication of actions by East Carolina University and its constituents. The Chief Information Officer is responsible for all information technology at ECU.

The IRCC ensures communication between, and makes recommendations on, actions to university committees, task forces, administrative and other bodies seeking to plan or implement information technology initiatives. This work includes but is not limited to recommendations on IT policies, the planning and implementation of new projects, technology assessment, the change or elimination of current projects or IT actions, and other information technology-related activities.

The Council shall review information technology policy, planning and implementation actions, proposals to plan, or implementations that may have a significant impact on the university, including information technology managed by functional units on campus.

Thirty committee members are appointed annually by the head of each area. There are representatives from ITCS, CIO, Materials Management, Dental Medicine, Graduate School, Brody School of Medicine Sciences/Dean’s Office, Arts & Sciences Humanities/Sciences/Social Sciences, Health & Human Performance, Research & Graduate Studies, the chair of the Distance Education & Learning, Technology Committee and another committee member, College of Fine Arts and Communications, College of Nursing, three Faculty Senate members, Joyner Library, College of Education, Allied Health, Chair of the Faculty Representative, College of Business, Technology & Computer Science, Student Affairs, Continuing Studies, Institutional Assessment & Research, Human Ecology, Provost’s Office, Chief Medical Information Officer, Administration and Finance and Health Sciences Library.

The IRCC meets three to four times each semester on a Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. The committee reports to the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance.

IRCC Committee Chair Wendy Creasey
Chief Information OfficeDon Sweet
Faculty Senate
Distance Education and Learning Technology Committee Representative Steve Schmidt
Distance Education and Learning Technology Committee Representative Ping Xiao
Chair of the Faculty or RepresentativeSteve Baker
Faculty Senate at Large Representative Steve Baker
Faculty Senate at Large Representative Arthur Xuan Liu
Faculty Senate at Large Representative Michael Harris
Vice Chancellor
Provost or Representative Ying Zhou
Institutional Planning and Research, Associate Provost Ying Zhou
Administration & Finance, Vice Chancellor or Representative Carole Wilson
Health Sciences, Vice Chancellor or Representative Robert Carroll
Research, Vice Chancellor or Representative Shaun Reece
Student Life, Vice Chancellor or Representative Brad Simons
Division of Continuing Studies, Director or Representative Anthony Britt
Academic Library Sciences, Director or Representative Janice Lewis
Health Sciences Library, Director or Representative Donna McDonald
Colleges and Schools
Allied Health Representative Young Kim
Arts & Sciences, Humanities Representative Jill Twark
Arts & Sciences, Sciences Representative Yumin Li
Arts & Sciences, Social Sciences Representative Scott Walfield
Business Representative Jason Jones
Dental Medicine Representative Phillip Allen
Education Representative Al Barnhill
Fine Arts and Communication Representative Laura Prividera
Graduate School Dean or Representative Derrick Isler
Health and Human Performance Representative Richard Ramirez
Medical School Dean or Representative Robert Carroll
Medical School Science Associate Dean Robert Carroll
Nursing Representative Evan Bartley
Technology and Computer Science Representative John Jones
Chief Medical Information Officer or Representative Robert Jacob LaGesse
Campus Departments
Office of Institutional Integrity RepresentativeMichelle DeVille
Office of the Registrar RepresentativeAngela Anderson
Materials Management RepresentativeKevin Carraway
Office of the AuditorWayne Poole
Campus Operations, Facilities ServicesBill Bagnell