Diagram Description - IT Governance at ECU

This diagram details the decision-making authority and hierarchy of IT Governance at ECU. Needs and technologies often originate from stakeholders. The decisions on adapting to those needs and changes is either resolved in the day-to-day IT operational process or through the IT governance structure. See this site’s main menu to learn more about each committee’s charge and members.

The IT governance process begins when stakeholder needs are communicated to the following technical and functional advisory groups:

  • The Academic Council
  • The Distance Education & Learning Technology Committee
  • The Banner Change Management Committee
  • The Classroom & Class Lab Governance Workgroup
  • OII and Healthcare Data Steward
  • The IT Accessibility Workgroup
  • The University Advancement Tech Steering Committee
  • The Web Oversight Committee

The technical and functional advisory groups report stakeholder feedback, needs and requests to either the Administrative Systems Committee or the Academic Technology Committee. These two committees report to the Technology Planning & Priorities Committee which provides overarching governance for the strategic direction of information technology (IT) at ECU. The TPPC reports directly to the Executive Council.