Web Oversight


Co-chairs of the committee are the University Chief Communication Officer and the Chief Information Officer, unless delegated to a committee member.

Members are nominated by co-chairs from the following areas and approved by the committee.



Academic Technologies; Creative Services; News Services; Strategic Services; Student Affairs; Performing and Cultural Arts; the Libraries; Disability Support Services; Academic Affairs faculty; Health Sciences faculty; Research and Graduate Studies faculty.


Committee Purpose and Responsibilities:

The purpose of the Web Oversight Committee is to provide strategic direction to and management of the university online presence. This includes oversight of the www.ecu.edu website and the first and second level pages, the setting of standards for the university web presence, oversight of the social media presence, coordination and guidance of university content management solutions, and the development and implementation of standards for official and unofficial websites to improve and maintain the ECU internet presence; and URL management.

This committee is responsible for the review and updating of the following regulations, standards, and terms of use:


Terms of Office:

Membership will be reviewed annually.


To Whom the Committee Reports:

This committee periodically provides reports to the IRCC, the campus wide Information Resources Coordinating Council.


Standard Meeting Time:

Monthly, second Wednesday, 1pm


Current Roster:

Voting Members


Wendy Creasey, Chair
Director, Academic Technologies

Tom Eppes
Chief Communication Officer

Don Sweet
Chief Information Officer

Jo Lynne Daughtry
Manager, Web Applications

Jeannine Hutson
Director, News Services

Susan Hoerchler
Director, Creative Services

Clint Bailey
Director, Strategic Services

Chris Stansbury
Student Affairs, COO

Amanda McLellan

Michael Crane

Liz Johnston
ADA Coordinator

Paul Schwager
Academic Affairs

Greg Kearney
Health Sciences

Matt Smith
Research, Economic Development & Engagement


Staff resources from ITCS, Creative Services, and News Services are invited to all committee meetings to help inform the committee on decisions.